Listen to Quietmusic anytime and anywhere by subscribing to QUIETMUSIC PLUS.  For $5/month, you’ll receive each week’s three-hour-long Sunday program delivered to your email inbox, with the ability to download the files to your computer, IPod or mobile device. (These files are 192k/MP3). It’s like getting a weekly audio magazine, filled with music mixes from your own personal DJ.

I am using the superb audio delivery platform SOUNDCLOUD as my vehicle to deliver these files to you.

Basically, this is how it works. Each week you’ll get an email from me with links to a “set” of three private tracks. You have a choice of how you want to listen; you can either listen to the tracks on the soundcloud website, or download each track to your own computer.
Although it’s not required, it’s highly recommended that you sign up for a free account at soundcloud. Check out the site; I think you’ll be quite impressed, and perhaps tempted to explore all the great music being posted there. 

These links and tracks are available on the soundcloud site for ten weeks, then they’ll be replaced by new tracks. If you want to keep the shows beyond the ten weeks, then DOWNLOAD THEM. (Sooner than later! )

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask, via my contact page. There’s also a little FAQ section a few paragraphs down.

Payments will be processed through PayPal. You will need a PayPal account to subscribe

Click “subscribe” button to pay.

For those who have been past subscribers, I am no longer accepting full-year-in-advance payments.

If you would prefer to make your payment via personal check or other methods, please contact me. Thanks.



When will the emails arrive each week?
Saturday afternoon or evening (2p-7p Pacific Time); in case I’m unable to send them at that time, they’ll arrive earlier.

When I click the download link, a box comes up and asks me whether I want to listen to the file on my computer’s media player, or save it. Which one should I choose?
Save it… Sometimes you’ll be asked to browse your computer and select a directory to save it to.  It might be wise to create your own Quietmusic folder and save all your tracks in that one folder.

Once I start listening to a track on Soundcloud, and I decide I want to download it, how do I do that?
For each of the three individual hours, there’s a download icon below the waveform. Click it. You won’t be able to download from the page which contains the entire three hour set.

Looks like your weekly audio postings are coming from a site called “Mixcloud”. And you’re talking about “Soundcloud” with Quietmusic PLUS. Mixcloud? Soundcloud? I’m confused.
Mixcloud and Soundcloud are two different sites. Both sites have a similar name and a similar kind of platform (music & audio), but their purposes are different. Soundcloud is a site that’s headquartered in Berlin, and their goal is to create a platform that makes it easy to distribute audio files across the web. The site is used by Musicians, Record labels, DJs, Music fans, Bloggers, and anyone who likes to share or distribute audio files online. I am using the site for this project because it enables me to send “private tracks” to anyone I want. The design of the site is so good, that I could never duplicate anything like this on my own website.
Mixcloud is a site that comes from London, and their purpose is to aggregate long-form audio content like radio shows, podcasts, and DJ mixes, etc. There’s no downloadable material on the site (it’s all streaming). They see themselves as a “YouTube of radio”. I like Mixcloud because I can upload a portion of my show to their servers, then use their “widgets” to post the music to a variety of places, including the Quietmusic website and Facebook. Other listeners can then share these widgets on their own sites and social media channels. Also, I like that Mixcloud has an arrangement with the British music royalty agency, so that artists and labels can get some royalty compensation for these streams.
So, in a nutshell, I am using Mixcloud to distribute my “public” tracks and Soundcloud to distribute my “private” tracks (aka Quietmusic PLUS).

Will the tracks be available always on the website? So like, in three months, can I listen to an old show?
No, all programs will have a lifespan of around ten weeks on the site. If you want to keep the shows, please download them to your computer or mobile device; the sooner the better.

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